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Redfinn 6M - Boat Anglers Digest, May 2003

John Rafferty - Irish Anglers Digest Review of Redfinn 6000...

Boat Anglers Digest Review of Redfinn 6M in May 2003There are loads of different angling boats out there on the market today for the angler to choose from. Some of them are good quality, safe and reliable sea boats and are capable of taking you to where you want to go to catch fish and back again in safety and comfort. However, some are only there to clutch at your purse strings and are not suitable for the rigours of everyday sea angling conditions. A lot of time should be taken before purchasing a fishing boat as it is a big investment of your money and should not be taken lightly.

Additional costs should also be taken into consideration like maintenance and fuel costs. On a more positive note there is a great sense of satisfaction in owning, launching and catching fish from your own boat. So if you've considered all these factors and you still feel determined to continue to purchase your very own boat, then read on, I think you'll like what I have to say about Redfinn boats.

I like attending the launch of new boats and watching to see how they perform while being put through their paces on demonstration runs. So when the editor of this magazine asked me to attend a demonstration of a new state of the art angling boat called a Redfinn 6000, I immediately started planning the best route to get there. After a quick `phone call with Eugene McKiernan - the man behind Redfinn boats - to find out where I was going and to get a rough idea of what to expect, I went on my way.

On arrival at the pier, I was pleasantly surprised at seeing the Redfinn 6000 already in the water. Its sleek lines were evident even from a distance and its Redfinn motif stood out on the all white craft. On closer inspection the Redfinn 6000 is a 6-metre boat with a 2.1 metre beam and weighs approximately 650 kgs. The hull is a highly modified deep V type with reverse chines designed to give a high and dry ride with stability and provides an excellent ride when cutting waves even at high speeds.

The boat is sensibly designed, well proportioned and laid out with the sport angler very much in mind. One of the first things you'll notice about the Redfinn is its aerodynamically shaped cabin which shelters those on board as well as the steering console which is mounted well forward of the centre, leaving more of the non-slip finished deck free for fishing or working.

The deck is sealed, six inches above the water line, and is also self draining to a ingeniously out of sight scupper at the stern. All the electrical cables are run in ducting under the deck for safety as well as neatness. The gunnels are thigh high and are finished on top with a stainless steel safety rail running the length of them and part of the transom; this undoubtedly enhances onboard safety especially in adverse sea conditions.

Fuel tanks for the engine are stored in lockers in the transom, which also has two moulded in seats, one at each end that will make any occupant feel safe and secure at any speed. There are four flush mounted rod holders on the transom and additional stainless steel rod holders are available for mounting on the safety rail if required.

The steering column housing has a locker at the front which houses the battery safely away from the fuel and in front of this housing runs a seat the width of the boat capable of seating three people. This seat also has a locker in it as does the bow section for additional storage. The thing I like best about the Redfinn 6000 is that there are 1500 kgs of dry foam buoyancy in blocks built into the boat making it unsinkable.

The Redfinn 6000 is categorized Category C to carry six passengers. Six anglers can easily fish on this boat. As we travelled at speed in excess of 30 mph its stability whilst turning sharply was excellent, we even cut through our own wash and it still made no difference to the craft. I was also very surprised at how quiet it was on board at full speed and even when we slowed down and leaned over the side the Redfinn didn't tilt with us.

I have no doubts that this boat will succeed on the market here in Ireland and worldwide. Once you've been onboard one you'll know what I mean. I will recommend this boat to any angler who is planning to purchase his or her own boat. It has more safety features than any other vessel that I know of in its class. It is designed around safety, comfort and caters for the angler's needs. The only disappointment I have with the Redfinn is not owning one, YET.


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