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Redfinn 6M - Boat Fishing Monthly, September 2005

Jim Whippy - Sometimes described as the 'big little boat', the Redfinn 6000 is a fuel efficient craft with a futuristic look about it ...

Boat Fishing Monthly Review of Redfinn 6M in September 2005Moxham designed

The smallest of the Redfinn range is the 6000, designed by John Moxham to be a fishermen friendly, day angler for long distance fishing trips and highly fuel efficient. On the safety side it is unsinkable. self-bailing, with no wood, no rot and no maintenance and can be towed easily yet still sea worthy. That's an ambitious list of criteria for a boat just under 20' in length especially as it has a Category C licence for 6 people.


The inside of the boat is open planned for maximum space for fishing with a walkabout flat floor. The original boat was built for outboards and it will take up to 1O0hp. There is now the option of an inboard 120hp T.D. The manufacturers recommend the FT60D Yamaha O/B that will achieve over 50k and use less than a 5 gallon tank of fuel on a days fishing. Every boat from 60hp up is fitted with 'Finn riders' that give the boat increased stability, buoyancy and fuel efficiency. With 1.5-2 tons of P.U. rigid foam buoyancy to give that extra feeling of safety this is an impressive small fishing boat.


The best recommendation is from someone who owns one and Enda Conneely who fishes the tricky waters round the Aran Islands says of his Redfinn 6000, 'It performs like a dream and in these days of high fuel costs if you intend to cover any distance, it out performs any mono-hull that I have seen, for fuel efficiency combined with sea worthiness. It seems to take forever to empty the fuel tank.'


The Redfinn 6000 will be at Southampton Boat Show where you will be able to try it out on a test run. The basic boat costs less than £9000, while fully equipped with inboard engine and all standard fittings they are below £20.000. To discuss the Redfinn 6000 or book a ride at Southampton, call Eugene McKiernan on +353 872 560865


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