Redfinn 9FM

Redfinn 9FM

C.E. Category 'B' designed and built by Alaskan Fishermen...

This boat is the investment for a LIFETIME of Good fishing in safety & comfort 365 days a year!

IT'S TIME. Time to live that perfect day you always escape to in your mind. Turn the key and feel the thrust of T.D. power. Smile wide as you look around knowing that you are in command of the flagship of sea-angling boats. It's a journey that's just begun with 30-40 knots to hand, 180 gals in tank giving a range of 500-800 miles, you can go to where the fish are and fishermen aren't. Many users say "they cruise at 25knots on +/- 4 gallons per hour."

The Redfinn 9FM Alaskan Icebreaker is designed by Alaskan Fishermen and built by them in Sedro Woolley, Washington State, (original home of Osprey Boats). The boat is constructed with a Kevlar reinforced hull and the outer layers of the boat are built with vinyl ester resin for durability, high gloss retention and blister resistance. This "Fish Around" cabin facilitates comfortable walking and fishing around the total circumferance of the boat. Up to 30 people with rods can stand side by side right around.

Over 1,000 Osprey Boats (The forerunners of the NEW generation Alaskan Icebreakers) have fished the Atlantic & Pacific for the last 20 years without loss of a single life or boat.

Key features that make the Redfinn 9FM one of the best UK Sportfishers in it's class are:

  • strongest hull, ¾ " thick, stronger, more rigid = Longer Life.
  • Built on no wood / no rot principle. No structural wood in this boat.
  • Vinyl ester outer layers = enduring gloss and highest resistance to blisters.
  • All components of this boat are easily accessible for maintenance.
  • Finest handling and most comfortable in big seas.
  • Boarding platform with transom door.
  • Moulded in pulpit keeps the anchor clear of boat.
  • Self-bailing deck and all Rails 1¼ " thick.
  • Floor hatches seal tight so engine room stays powder dry.
  • Skipper has large helmseat on adjustable suspension + 360 degree vision.
  • High comfort bolsters (detachable) for Fishermen's knee comfort.
  • Soundproof hull enhances fishing especially for bass.
  • 30-40mph, range up to 700 miles.
  • Two insulated storage tanks 225 litres (50 Gallons) each, built into hull & bonded to floor.
  • All solid mineral-glass windows bonded in for greater strength and no leaks.
  • Full walking and fishing at ease around full circumferance of this 'Icebreaker'.
  • Complete boat insulated with PU Foam Laminated in; Necessity in Alaska & luxurious in Europe.
  • Rock solid at anchor & perfect drifting.
  • No spray, No slamming.

If you have any questions about the new Redfinn 9FM, please contact us here.

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