Redfinn 6M

Redfinn 6M Photo Gallery

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Beneath are a selection of photographs showing a variety of models from the original Redfinn 6000 up to the latest Redfinn 6M.

  • Launch of 6M at London Boat Show 2010

  • Our 6M is powered by the new Yamaha F70

  • Serious Fishers use a Redfinn 6M

  • Our 6M is Fast and Economical

  • Redfinn 6M with Commercial Railings

  • Front Hatch Open on Redfinn 6M

  • Redfinn with Cab berthed.

  • Plenty of Deck space aboard.

  • Redfinn 6m on Trailer

  • Trailer your boat spot on the keel rollers, first time
    every time with the SBS Docking Arms."

  • Ready for the road

  • Spacious user friendly bow

  • Rear of Deck, Pinache = Fishermans Space, Practicality,
    Style & Comfort

  • 6m at the London boat show 2011

  • 6m

  • 6m

  • 6m

  • 6m

  • 6m

  • 6m

  • 6m

  • 6m

  • 6m

  • 6m

  • 6m

  • 6m

  • 33 miles in less than an hour
    using just over 5 gallons

  • Grab Rail always convenient,
    around the edge of the cab

  • H.P. Wash-Down Pump
    (Component of Live-Bait Well)

  • Spiral hose & hand-gun for wash down

  • Live bait Well

  • This battery box is convenient, dry,
    safe and can be made lockable.

  • Moulded holders for two x 25 litre fuel tanks
    Located under starboard transom seat

  • 150 litre insulated drystore under floor

  • 150 litre insulated drystore under floor

  • Fast mount bolster; fit or remove in less than
    a minute

  • Large Lure Locker

  • Tonneau and Docking Arms

  • Sun-Lounge

  • Sun-Brela

  • 6M Forehatch

  • Free Drogue

  • Elite Ergonomic 360

  • Torque-controlled rod for bluefinn trolling

  • Redfinn 6m in the Mediterranean after a successful day catching bluefin tuna

Older Photos

  • Enjoying the Redfinn in the open sea.

  • Aerodynamic Cab fitted to Redfinn

  • Redfinn Proving Buoyancy!

  • Open Plan Redfinn with Canopy

  • Open Plan Redfinn with Steering Console

  • Open Plan Redfinn 6000

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