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We have selected just two testimonials from serious anglers that we feel best sum up our Redfinn 6M. Please contact us if you wish to verify or indeed for answers to any of your questions.

What did I get for my money when I bought the REDFINN 6M?

"Having bought and used most of the popular and well known makes of small angling boats over the last 30 years, I decided on a Redfinn three years ago and having used it in angling competitions, and pleasure angling trips,I feel well qualified to tell how this boat has performed sometimes in very adverse conditions.

Most of my fishing is done in Cahore in the south east of Ireland where the waters are very tricky,with tidal races,offshore sandbanks,deep channels,and sleuice waters around headlands. One of the regular trips is from Cahore to the Tusker Lighthouse and return a fifty mile round trip with three anglers and lots and lots of gear on board, for those of you who do not know Tuskar, it is a fantastic place for cod and pollock,but not many boats travel to it because ot the seas around it, not even the commercial lads, however the REDFINN 6000 takes it all in its stride. The only other small boat I would feel as safe in would be a rib.

The finnriders actually make the boat as steady on the move as at rest, an amazing return of fuel consumption is achieved even on our return when the sea was punching us hard on the nose from the north east we still had plenty to spare both in terms of fuel and sea keepiing ability. She certainly gets a move on when opened up on the throttle and immediately gets up on the plane up to 38 mph at wot.and stays on the plane at the slowest of speeds. My angling buddies love her with the amount of angling space she has and we have fished 5 very serious anglers in complete comfort and safety.

This year I used her in the Cahore master angler which is run over a number of competitions throughout the year,even when conditions turned nasty I was in no hurry home in this boat as she rode it out so well,the finnriders keep her so steady even at anchor in a swell, that one of the anglers remarked that is is the nearest thing to fishing off a pier. We had some fantastic returns of fish and I went on to become overall winner.

The amount of freeboard on this boat makes her a very safe boat for taking junior anglers out fishing as I often do, usually when people move about on small angling boats they will list alarmingly not so on the REDFINN 6000 the list when two people are disgorging or handling large fish on one side is almost negligable [finnriders again] also the only spray that ever comes on board is when crossing a large beam sea and even then only the very rear quarter gets a slight amount.

So what did I get for my money when I bought the REDFINN 6000?
In my opinion ,a boat that has ideas way above it station,for a boat with a waterline just over 19 feet I got a boat that has amazing sea keeping qualities,almost sportsboat performance due to those chines and really well modified vee hull, it does not break the bank on fuel costs, is easy to tow and handle with a decent family saloon car, and is safe and comfortable to travel in and fish from,even when the going gets rough.

The version I have is the center console version which lacks stowage space and also some shelter for my almost pensionable limbs on wet and windy days.I have heard that a new model will be introduced soon with low wheelhouse or cuddy and large.underfloor storage compartment and live baitwells. Well if it is self draining like like my one and as good in all other departments then I think i might be in for an upgrade (reluctantly)."



Redfinn 6M is simply just Superior in almost all departments for the serious angler:

"The other day, after Steve and I (my partner in the Redfinn 6M) had yet again placed 1 & 2 in a competition I heard an interesting comment, "It's alright for them, theve got a Redfinn"! It is true to say that since we took our first Redfinn (6000) some years ago that we have pretty much cleaned up on the local match scene, Not won them all but a lot more than our fair share!

The reasons, well, easy controllable, fishing. Drifting is a real pleasure and when the wind is too strong we use a drogue to great affect, infact used correctly we have "stopped" the boat over wrecks and rock marks when all others are drifting almost out of control.

At anchor you have all the shelter that you need in an open boat and so again the comfort aspect is second to none. A very quick soft ride on a boat that recovers extremely well and as your advert says minimal fuel.

As you know I have owned several different boats but in its class the Redfinn 6M is simply just Superior in almost all departments for the serious angler. It must be, we have had three of them!

Thanks for the boat, Cheers!"

Andy, UK


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