Redfinn 10FM

Redfinn 10FM

Quality Sportsfisher designed and built in the UK...

If you want a high quality sportsfisher, then the Redfinn 10FM is the perfect choice.

The Redfinn 10FM meets the needs for a larger, high quality angling boat at sea. A high speed machine capable of long range cruising, designed to withstand the rough, cold and rainy conditions that the changing weather system throws at us. The Redfinn 10FM complies with EU regulations, built to MCA standards.

The Redfinn 10FM is based on the ever successfull Redfinn 10,000 series and is designed to accommodate the ultimate angling requirements: Safety, user friendly, soft dry ride, comfortable and fast in big seas, long rage, perfect drift, no rolling, no broaching, no slamming and minimal fuel consumption.

The inside of the boat Sleeps 8, 2 in the cabin, 2 in each of the two quarter berths and 2 in the forward cabin. Layout of plant and equipment is professionally planned. Everything is securely installed and easy to reach for adjustment or service. Wheelchair friendly access with 75cm width transom door and also ideal for big fish!

Key features that make the Redfinn 10FM one of the best UK Sportfishers are:

  • Top Speed 40 knots
  • Range 400-700 Miles
  • Sleeps 8
  • Electronically Bonded
  • Electronic Fuel Sterilisation
  • Self Bailing Fish Storage
  • Insulated Boat For Temp Control
  • Power Assisted Hydraulic Steering.
  • Variable Speed, Pantagraphic Stainless Steel Wipers With Built In Washers.
  • All Screws Are Epoxy Bonded
  • One Ingress Valve Supplies A Water Chest With Multiple Outlets
  • Worlds Best Livewell Fitted
  • All Diode Lighting For Life
  • Each Engine Is Independent With It's Own Starter Battery
  • C.E. Category B for 12 Fishermen and 2 Crew
  • Redfinn 10FM Perfect For Drift Fishing
  • Rock Steady At Anchor
  • No Spray, No Wash, No Slamming
  • Fast Comfortable Long Range For Family Enjoyment.

If you have any questions about the new Redfinn 10FM, please contact us here.

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