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Redfinn 10FM - Editorial Reviews

Read what the editors of some of the top UK fishing magazines have to say about the Redfinn 10FM (Redfinn 10,000).


This fabulous boat was designed and built to be the most fisherman friendly sea angling boat in the world - Jim Whippy sees how near those aims have been achieved.

Boat Fishing Monthly Review of Redfinn 6M in January 2006The Osprey boats that Redfinn Boats sold ranged from 22' to 30' but they were often asked for something a bit bigger. Their solution was to create their own 10m boat from scratch that would meet all their exacting requirements. They gathered a range of experts together to put forward their views, of which I was privileged to be one, and the result is the incredible vessel that is the Redfinn 10,000...

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Mike Thrussell reviews the Redfinn 10FM...

Sea Fishing Review of Redfinn 10FM in May 2002I'd been tracking the progress of the Redfinn Boats Redfinn 10,000 from when it was just a rumour. It made a brief, but dramatic appearance at the 2001 Southampton Boat Show having been towed there with no engines fitted, and caused quite a stir amongst the trade and boating enthusiasts. I also sneaked aboard for an early preview during November when the engines fired up for the first time and the boat was initially water tested. I saw enough at the first test to make me eagerly anticipate my full review day...

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