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Redfinn 10FM - Customer Testimonials

We have selected just a few testimonials that we feel best sum up our Redfinn 10,000 and we will be adding more on our new Redfinn 10FM shortly.

What makes REDFINN better than others?

"We had the Redfnn built to our spec in Southampton. She is a comfortable craft for extended stays. Warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Very little condensation. The accommodation is light and airy and with the high roof has that 'at home' feel. Everyone we know likes staying onboard with us, especially when the weather is kind and we can BBQ outside in the 110 sq foot cockpit. This also is ideal for fishing trips.

We fish 6 to 8 persons without difficulty. In the winter the trips are very comfortable with the heating on. You can pop in and out of the cabin to attend the rods. Hot food can be readily cooked in a short time. This combination of boat is hard to find. Most fishing boats are 'day boats' and fitted out as such. The cruisers have nice fittings but no open deck. The Redfinn meets both criteria very well.

We keep high standards on this boat. Regular maintenance is carried out. We replace what is worn and improve as necessary (Which is very little!). The boat has all the comforts of home without doubt and I really cannot think of anything she is lacking.

She cruises at 25 knots so we get to our destination or the good fishing areas and wrecks within reasonable time. Should the weather turn, we are safe in the knowledge that we have a very strong all weather boat designed by John Moxham and the Redfinn team.



Redfinn takes Force 7 winds in it's stride:

"I finally decided to fit a bow thruster to my Redfinn. I decided upon a Sleipner Side Power SP75T12 and the unit was professionally installed by a boat company that are about 25 miles up the coast from my home marina.

When I collected the boat for the return journey the wind was force 7 NW. I was tempted to wait for 24 hours but as the forecast for the following day was worse and I was anxious to get the boat back to the marina. The Redfinn ran home beautifully and apart from some flying spray and one broken plate the trip home was uneventful.

I am very pleased with the bow thruster which has performed well and without it (and the twin engines) I would not have attempted to tie up on my berth in the marina in a force 7 wind.

Thanks for your help, advice and an unbeatable boat.

Alan, Northumberland


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