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Enjoy Sun, Fishing and Sea.

Healthy, Affordable Family Fun.

Fuel Consumption Halved and Fishing Space Doubled.

A boat for all seasons. Built to cope with the worst, so you can enjoy the best. It has taken five years to develop an all new successor to the mighty Osprey Boats which went to Valhalla when a fire consumed the factory. A team of cutting-edge boat builders was assembled by Mike Keating of Big Blue Charters, Alaska. Their mission: to build boats capable of handling Alaskan weather safely with half the fuel bills and twice the pleasure.

The answer is Fisharound (Walkaround) Boats.

Read all about it then dream all about it.

All boats are built by BAMF BOATS INC. in Sedrowoolley. (70 miles north of Seattle).
The name “BAMF” stands for Boats are more fun
Two hull lengths cover the 4 models.     S.C. = Short Cabin   L.C. = Long Cabin.


Osprey 24’ and 26’ are replaced with
25’ Redfinn         L.C. Excursion    LOA 27’6”            Beam 8’6”           Weight 6,500lbs
25’ Redfinn         S.C.Alaskan         LOA 27’6”            Beam 8’6”           Weight 6,500lbs
Osprey 28’ and 30’ are replaced with
30’ Redfinn S.C. Alaskan                LOA 32’6”            Beam 9’6”           Weight 9,000lbs
30’ Redfinn L.C. Excursion            LOA 32’6”            Beam 9’6”           Weight 9,000lbs

Redfinn Boats Ltd have been appointed to take care of Europe, for BAMF.

Boats sold in Europe will be “C.E” compliant and labelled Redfinn.

For lowest fuel costs boats have the option of, Twin Outboard Motors on Armstrong bracket

or Yanmars Twin Turbo V8 Diesel with Yanmar’s new watercooled twin prop outdrive.

You can also have your boat delivered without power allowing you the choice of engines to suit your needs.

Cruise in confidence with the following benefits:-
Glassed in PU foam buoyancy (Virtually unsinkable)
Self Bailing.
Boarding door in transom
¾” Hull, Kevlar reinforced to waterline.
75% of boats weight below the waterline
Sleeps 4
Approaching 50% fuel savings
160 gallon fuel tank
Cruising 25-30 knots, top speed approaching 40knots.
Bigger performance, Smaller bills.

Redfinn Alaskan Fish(Walk) Around fishing boats are a new generation and a new experience. We therefore invite interested customers to visit the factory at Sedro-Woolley, near Seattle to view the quality of manufacture and take part in sea trials before making your descision. Those who purchase will have a contribution towards their travel costs.

Images used are for illustrative purposes only and actual boats may vary

In February of 2012 a prospective buyer of a 25' LC Excursion commissioned independant marine survey on a new boat at the BAMF premises in Sedrowoolley. This detailed report was carried out by Pacific Rim Marine Surveyors. CLICK HERE to read this report.

Pacific Rim Marine Surveyors









25' Excursion




25' Alaskan




30' Alaskan


Pacific Rim Surveyors

Click the Icon above to read the Pacific Rim Surveyors report on the 25' Excursion